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Birthed from the pandemic;
inspired to heal the world

As the world searched for answers to solving the COVID-19 crisis, two friends searched for remedies. With the belief that the earth is full of natural healing properties, best friends Natalie Dean and Saroeun Kith-Jones were determined to find alternative paths to wellness - the first being sea moss gel.

After following some of Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet advice, Natalie purchased her first jar of sea moss in 2018. Needless to say, she could barely swallow the nutrient-rich gift from the sea because of it’s gritty consistency and ocean-flavored taste. Saroeun had a very similar experience so they decided to toss the moss.

During the height of covid, however, sea moss surfaced to the top of many lists as people searched for natural ways to boost immunity and overall health so the ladies decided to give it another try, this time by soaking it themselves and improving the taste by infusing fruits and a dash of agave (both alkaline and Dr. Sebi-approved)

After working and reworking their formula and mastering a smooth textured blend, the new and improved sea moss gel was jarred and gifted to family and friends. The response was overwhelmingly positive with feedback describing its great taste and most noticeable and immediate benefits. That’s when the two friends decided it was time to move forward in the business of healing the greater community.

Honoring their Black-American and Cambodian roots, and weaving in knowledge picked up during their worldly travels, Natalie and Saroeun plan to introduce different ways to improve health and well-being to communities that have  historically been disproportionately affected by disease, malnutrition and prescription drugs.

Cheers to Mo' Life

Your alternative path to wellness