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What is sea moss gel?

Sea moss is a type of algae, which has been part of the human diet for thousands of years. In addition to being consumed historically in places like the Caribbean and Ireland, sea moss has been used medicinally in other cultures for decades, to treat conditions ranging from coughs and infections to eczema and low libido.

What are the benefits of sea moss gel?
The benefits are endless, but if concerned, consult your doctor before use. Benefits include, but are not limited to:
  • Eliminating excess mucus
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Supporting digestion
  • Processing waste through the body faster
  • Stimulating metabolism (accelerating weight loss)
  • Building muscle
  • Boosting immune system
  • Increasing libido
  • Balancing thyroid hormones
  • Nourishing skin, hair, and nails
  • Treating eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and burns
  • Boosting energy and mood
How does sea moss gel taste?

Sea moss is...from the sea. Naturally, it can have a salty, ocean flavor depending on how you prepare the gel. The team at Mo’ Life Wellness has done our best to cut the taste without compromising the nutrients. If you are unsure, try our fruit-infused flavors which include a dash of agave.

How should sea moss gel be consumed?

There are several ways to consume sea moss gel. In a smoothie, a bowl of soup, a cup of coffee/tea or straight out of the jar (we make it easier with our fruit-infused flavors)! It can also be for thickening desserts and other dishes. We suggest consuming two tablespoons of sea moss gel daily. This superfood is a vegan, gluten-free source of many nutrients.

How should I store sea moss gel?

Sea moss gel should be refrigerated upon receiving and once opened. It can also be frozen.
*Note: sea moss can expand when frozen, use a freezer-safe container.

What is the shelflife of the sea moss gel?

When stored in an airtight container, sea moss gel can be refrigerated for up to one month and frozen for up to three months. A 16oz of sea moss gel should take approximately two weeks to consume if taking the suggested daily use of two tablespoons a day.

How do you prepare the sea moss gel?

The team at Mo’ Life Wellness only sources fresh sea moss from the open ocean. This superfood is packaged immediately after it is harvested. This means we have to be meticulous in our inspection and cleaning process. You can rest easy that the sea moss gel you purchase from us is triple checked for twigs, strings, and other foreign matter and thoroughly rinsed of sand so that you consume only the good stuff!

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